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Wendy Ramos
Wendy Ramos
Being a professional in the beauty industry it’s amazing. Since a youngster I feel attracted with the profession cause gave me the chance to express my creativity and skills. Also having the opportunity to work with clients in a unique and individually way to help the to fell better with their self. My biggest satisfaction it’s to know, it doesn’t matter how struggled your day was, when you are leaving my chair you are going to be better and in love with your new look. I love what I do.
Cosmetology Licensed and Barber
Aurora Borjas
Aurora Borjas
 Our youngest junior stylist, Aurora have many talents and skills, but most important she’s always learning from her co-workers and from the Master Stylist & Colorist “El Profe” Jan Louis. Cosmetology Licensed and looking for learn and growth this lady will be your option to looks amazing.
Felix Martinez
Felix Martinez
Felix, a successful entrepreneur with a positive attitude and a warrior mindset, is passionate about colors. He decided to completely revamp his career under the tutelage of “El Profe” Jan Louis, one of the industry's most experienced and talented instructors. Today, Felix is not only a licensed cosmetologist and barber, but also a licensed tattoo makeup artist in New York City.

Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez
Inspired by her mother, Gloria develops passion for the beauty industry. As a youngster she went to” Academia de Belleza y Peluquería Panamericana” in Bogota ,Colombia to create perfection in her skills with the objective of bring out a satisfaction smile on every single client. With more than 20 years of experience she feel elated to be part of the staff of Bella’s Hair Salon & Dry Bar.
Jan Louis
Jan Louis "El Profe"
Jan Louis is our master colorist, stylist, and has been a makeup designer for over 35 years.
Jan Louis works for theater, television, film, TV personalities so he has achieved a large clientele through his extensive career.
“El Profe” holds cosmetology licenses in Puerto Rico, New York and also is a licensed instructor in NY State.
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